Truck Driving Man

Stan Matthews

Traditional Country as it should be. My second CD contains 8 original songs, where I sing of the ongoing struggles and heartaches of the working man.

"Truck Driving Man" contains 8 brand new songs. I once again returned to Wachusett Recording Studio In Princeton, Ma. I found that although I'm far away from where traditional country music originated. I have found a studio and an engineer who not only can recreate that classic Sun Studio trademark sound. But he also can play a mean upright bass and drums. I learned much during the recording of my first CD EP last year. I felt that this cd would be different. I added a few friends to help me give my songs the full effect I was looking for.

Once again all 8 songs are written by myself. I sang and played my trademark black Martin acoustic. I also used a Fender Strat and a Steinberger, not traditional country guitars, but I liked their sound. Mike Harmon the engineer, once again played upright bass, electric bass and percussion. Bob Moon of Boston based Americana band, Comanchero, contributed lead guitar to "I'm as good" and "Light 'em up". Miriam Smith, a local fiddle/violin player. She also plays in various bands in Massachusetts, played on "The Eagle" and "Sad Song". Helen Sheldon, a vocalist with Rhode Island based rockabilly band "The Red Pennys" , contributed her soul searing voice to "Live" and "Sad Song". The truck you hear at the beginning of "Truck Driving Man" is the actual truck I drive at my job.

I have two full time jobs, one as a truck driver and one as a caregiver to two young children. My wife and I have three children of our own. I play out as a solo act , singing my songs and classic country covers of : Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon and more. If you're out my way come out and listen as I spread the gospel of traditional country music.

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